Our History 

CCHF All About Kids was established in 1884 by Reverend Samuel Barnett and his wife Henrietta.

Archive - Childrens Fresh Air Mission

Children's fresh air mission

Originally called "The Children's Fresh Air Mission (Off to the Country)" the charity’s aim was to take children from London’s slums away to the seaside for holidays in the fresh air and country surroundings. In 1886 the name changed to The Children's Country Holidays Fund (CCHF). 130 years later, we are still needed to help children living in poverty.

No doubt, Samuel and Henrietta Barnett had a vision of a time when every London child would have a holiday in ‘England’s green and pleasant land’. However, even in these more prosperous days there are thousands of parents who have no hope of giving their children a country break , without the help of CCHF All About Kids. At any one time there are over 600,000 children living with poverty, abuse, isolation and deprivation in London.

Archive - London Station 1974

London Station 1974

Income for CCHF All About Kids is wholly derived from donations, and without the generosity of our supporters, we would not be able to help children enjoy the excitement of their first holiday, swimming in the sea, building sandcastles, feeding farm animals and making new friends.

Since our inception in 1884, we’ve helped over 2 million disadvantaged children by providing a range of residential activity and respite breaks which allows them to escape the traumas of their every day life and simply become children again

Interesting facts about CCHF All About Kids:

  • In 1886, the charity becomes the Children's Country Holidays Fund
  • A photo from a garden fete 1890 is our earliest known fundraising photo 
  • In 130 years, we have helped over 2 million children
  • In 1932, 1933 and 1936, the author A.A. Milne wrote appeals for CCHF in the Times which raised over £6,000. (In today's money, this would be over £250,000.)
  • In 1938, the late Queen Mother becomes our Patron 
  • Due to our experience and knowledge, CCHF was asked by the WRVS to assist with the evacuation of London's children during the Blitz
  • In 1970, CCHF were the beneficiary charity for the Railway Children Film Premiere
  • In 1984, we celebrated our 100 year anniversary
  • In 2000, CCHF was involved in the Queen Mothers Pageant
  • In 2009 we changed our name to CCHF All About Kids
  • In 2014 ,we will celebrate 130 years of helping disadvantaged children

Archie - Kids at station